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 HCS Commercial Cleaning Services Nashville, TN has been delivering what other cleaning vendors fall short of, consistency. HCS has been delivering expert janitorial & commercial cleaning here in Nashville TN, for 30 years. Simply put, we keep our word when we say the cleaning quality stays the same, “year after year!” We provide detailed office cleaning with highly trained personnel that take pride in their work. A long-term relationship with satisfied customers is our reputation. Our incredible references will do the talking for us. Among the 5-star cleaning vendors in Nashville, TN, we are in the top two percent. 

I am always available via the phone, or email. If you allow my company to provide your company with the janitorial services needed to keep your facility in excellent shape, we will not let you down! We will treat this opportunity with the gratitude & respect owed it. We have a sample list of our services below we provide, but we offer so much more. I appreciate the opportunity you are giving us by this visit. We absolutely welcome your call: Lisa (615) 808-1063

Nashville Commercial Cleaning

We Do Expert Commercial Cleaning


  • Offices Of All Sizes
  • Medical Facilities
  • Music Industry
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Industrial/Institutional
  • New Construction Site Cleaning
  • Your Privacy Assured


  • Expert janitorial services
  • Highly trained janitorial cleaners
  • Regular nightly janitorial services
  • Regular weekly janitorial services
  • Environmental friendly cleaners
  • Floor cleaning
  • Window cleaning


  • Your Privacy Assured
  • Bonded & Insured
  • BBB Member Since 2008

Why Choose Us Do You Ask?


Our ongoing training is extremely important in maintaining quality. We want to be the last cleaning vendor you will ever need. 


We keep our clients happy. We will remove any cleaning that you do not approve of, period. Call us for details today.


We want to grow with our customers & become an asset to them. Having a worry-free cleaning service is a good start.
The HCS Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services is a privately owned company. This means we do not sell our customer’s contracts to sub-contractors. The benefits of a privately owned office cleaning company? We provide supervision of our crews & the owner is always available. I always stay in contact with my supervisors, and you will receive what you expect every time. Therefore, we rank in the top 2% of commercial cleaning companies. 

 HCS takes the security of your facility serious. All designated doors are looked & the alarm is set before we leave. Supervisors train our commercial cleaners. We have designed our business model in a way that serves the customer. Our cleaning quality never drops off or diminishes over time. This separates us from other cleaning vendors. There is no deception, we tell you what our cleaning prices are upfront.

 We provide a fresh, clean, facility for you and your employees to walk into every morning. You will find sanitized restrooms, kitchens, offices, freshly vacuumed carpets, and mopped floors when you enter your facility. Our Commercial cleaning staff follow CDC, OSHA, and the latest training techniques in removing viruses, bacteria, and contaminates from surfaces and the air.

HCS will dust the offices high/low, sanitize the desks if desired & disinfect phones along with removing the trash & vacuuming. We will keep the restrooms spotless. We clean the commodes bowls, wipe the toilet from the base up, completely sanitize urinals, scrub the sinks out, wipe the mirrors clean, & polish all the stainless & chrome. We check the stalls for splashes, remove the trash, sweep/mop with a fresh sanitizing solution. Kitchens dusted top to bottom, counters and sinks disinfected along with tables. All appliances checked and wiped down. We remove the trash and then sweep & mop with fresh solution. HCS provides extended duties, pressure washing, floor scrubbing, floor recoating, high speed buffing, carpet steam extraction, wood floor care & office deodorization. We clean for the music industry, wedding venues, retail stores, offices of all sizes, law firms, pharmacies and more! We would love to hear from you: Lisa 615 808-1063


Let the HCS Commercial Cleaning take care of all your ongoing issues. We resolve issues quickly. Our staff is highly trained and committed to you. We make sure your facility stays fresh and clean & always resolve any concerns immediately! Communications are key to success, & this is how we keep clients happy.


HCS Commercial Cleaning specializes in keeping our clients by maintaining quality. HCS uses CDC disinfectants to prevent the spread of viruses & colds. The health of your employees is our concern to. Your employees touch the communal areas in the facility. We are committed to sanitizing them!

Dual Chamber Mopping System for Cleaner & Streak Free Floors

HCS Commercial Cleaning
HCS Nashville Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning Nashville
We do not use the traditional dunk, mop, repeat systems like other cleaning services when it comes to mopping. We offer the unique Dual Chamber Mopping System that ensures the best possible mopping of your office floors!

The state-of-the-art dual chamber mop bucket does not wring the mops out in the same dirty water over and over like most cleaning services. Our mop buckets have a clean solution side, a dirty water recovery side for optimal sanitation!

 Here at HCS, we want you to know we look for clients who want long-term reliable cleaning that never fades. Let us see if we can find a way to provide you with quality & actual follow-through you been looking for. Call: (615) 808-1063

We do not use long term contracts, quality & keeping our word is the contract you are looking for!

WHy you should choose HCS commercial cleaning & Janitorial services nashville, tn

HCS has been doing our cleaning for over 23 years and have never considered changing services. They do a thorough job, and we don’t have to worry about any issues with them. Great at communicate too! I don’t hesitate to recommend them. Lisa and her crew are hard workers.    Cindy K. Care Brakesworth Co.
Cindy | Client, Brakesworth Co.

HCS has a supervised and trustworthy staff, and they really do clean for change. We were changing janitorial services every couple of months. They take pride in their work. They never miss any areas of the building. What a change since they started Lisa and her staff will go above the call to help us in a crunch. They have proven to be a wonderful choice.
Drake | Tri- Medical

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